Leading manufacturer of Flow & Level Measuring Instruments.
Flow Measurement & Control Instruments :

Metal Tube Rotameters,Micro flowmeters,Glass Tube Rotameters, Plastic Made Flowmeters, Direct Indication type flowmeters, Steam flowmeters, Slurry flowmeters, Sanitary flowmeters, Purgemeters, Purgesets, Orifice type flowmeters, Thermal Mass flowmeters / Controllers, Thermal flowmeters, Thermal liquid flowmeters, V Cone flowmeters, Electromagnetic flowmeters, Corioli Mass flowmeters, Ultrasonic flowmeters, Vortex flowmeters, Mag-Wheel flowmeters, Flowmeters for air conditioning application, Flow Set Valves, Flowmonitors, Flow Switches, Sight Glasses, Brine Monitor, Opto-Wheel flowmeters, Filler flowmeter, Air Conditioner flowmeters.

Level Measurement And Control Instruments

Spring balanced tank gauges, Servo operated tank gauges, Tank gauge transmitters, Analog outputs, Digital outputs, Supporting instruments for Tank Gauging System, Receiving instruments for Tank Gauging System, Optical Fiber Tank Gauging System, Level switches, Metal Tube level gauges, Displacement type level transmitters, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters, Float type level transmitters, Microwave level gauges, Capacitance type level switches/level meters, Pressure level meters, MICROCELL level system, Marine use Cargo Monitoring System.

Other Instruments

Pressure transmitters, IR Universal Totalizers, Batch Delivery System "Auto-Boy", Conductivity meters, Flowmeters and measuring system for Automobile-engine test 4 loop flow indicators, Totalizer, Recorder for water treatment application.

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